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Seinäjoki is a great place for conducting operations primarily because the people here are highly skilled and diligent. The overall atmosphere is also good. The city keeps on growing and changing, the people just never stop. Seems like you just can’t stop Seinäjoki from growing!
Here, people always get to work early in the morning, not sometime before noon. They know that things get sold in the morning too, and also that when opportunity knocks, you had better be ready!”


Juha Gröhn

CEO, Atria Oyj

Rarely does a company come across the opportunity to build whole new premises. Seinäjoki offered us this possibility. Relocation was a more advantageous option for us than updating and expanding our old premises. The new premises are designed for purpose, and production has the possibility to grow flexibly in fluctuating demand across the different product groups. Also, the expansion of the subcontractor and partner network is easy in Roves’ growing area.

Juha Mäkitalo

CEO, Prima Power Oy

Seinäjoki is a retail city. Chain store sales in our shopping centres are amongst the highest levels in the country, so there is sufficient buyers and purchase power. We will continue to make large investments in the very centre of Seinäjoki.
Seinäjoki is a city of events. For these we are known, and it is natural to continue to invest in them. There are many great venues, such as Seinäjoki Arena and the OmaSP Stadium. Seinäjoki is an active family’s dream city. There are so many versatile sports facilities within a short distance, that it is difficult to think of a hobby that you can’t do, and should you wish, strive to do it at the very highest level.  

Raimo Sarajärvi

Entrepreneur, real estate investor

Seinäjoki has a central location in Finland, no matter where you look from. In an attractive and growing city like Seinäjoki, investing in factory facilities is safe. The Kapernaumi-Roves industrial area is one of the most diverse industrial services’ centres in Finland. Here, everyone belonging to the subcontractor and partner network, from logistics companies to spare part suppliers, are only minutes away.

Tero Pukkila

CEO, Ferrum Steel Oy

From an entrepreneur’s point of view, Seinäjoki is a positive city. Here, it is good to be an entrepreneur, and people have confidence to invest here. The city’s fathers understand how to act so that the city develops. Here we are not pedantic nor do we wonder and consider all possibilities, instead we just get on with things.  

Petri Pihlajaniemi

Managing Director, Hotel Restaurant Alma

You have to be brave and take bold steps when the time is right. Foodwest operates nationally – and in the future, we hope internationally – but our home is Seinäjoki, in the heart of the food province. Here, there are years of wide ranging experience from developing all aspects of the food chain. It is wonderful to be a strong link in this chain.

Karri Kunnas

Managing Director, Foodwest Oy

Even though we are a big Nordic construction company, we operated very locally and in a customer-orientated manner. We have a big interest in Seinäjoki, where the number of apartments is growing rapidly. In Seinäjoki things go actively and smoothly. Officials advance things and strive to find solutions.    

Hannu Rajamäki

Unit Director, Peab Seinäjoki

Seinäjoki has for a long time yearned for prime mover companies alongside the food industry drivers. Now we have them. This has also got the wheels of small and medium sized enterprises speeding, and new investments to boost production and automation are being made across a broad front. This is a prerequisite to guarantee future competitivity.

Ossi Viljanen

Chairperson, The Federation of Finnish Enterprises, Seinäjoki

The active role of the city’s development company made an impression. It felt like we are really welcome. Amongst other things, an event to meet a potential customer was arranged.  That kind of thing has never happened before in my long career as an entrepreneur. In any case, the attitudinal atmosphere here in Seinäjoki is quite unique.

Jussi Kammonen

Chairman of the Board, 3PLogistiikka Oy

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